Turn your Google Analytics + Marketing data into actionable insights.

Analytics, automated from start to finish.

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective marketing. Know exactly which strategy is working and which is not.
Effortless Setup

Connect your Google Analytics, Adwords, and goals in less than 30 seconds.

Marketing Data Integration

Easily connect Google Analytics to content and marketing data.

Actionable Insights

PaveIQ analyzes the data and sends a report showing exactly how to improve your ROI.

Customized to your needs, effortlessly.

Pave takes into account of your goals, whether it’s to increase revenue on an e-commerce site or engagement on a blog, and personalizes your report for you.

Machine Intelligence.
Data-driven results.

Our data science algorithm looks at 16+ million possible combinations to identify the most important insights across all marketing channels. Get data-driven recommendations on exactly how to increase your ROI.

Pave works with any website that supports Google Analytics, including platforms like

Our users love us.

"Pave has allowed me to focus on my content. I don’t have to worry about customizing my analytics anymore, and their social media advice has helped me reach the right audience."

Amanda Wood

Ways We Work

"We’ve tried using overbloated software and inexperienced or expensive freelancers. Pave has given us the expertise you would expect from a large firm at a cost that’s substantially lower."

Tom Price


"Since using Pave, we've increased sales by over 60%, increased customer satisfaction and retention, and discovered an entirely new demographic to market to."

Beth Nenniger

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monthly sessions


monthly sessions

  • Setup Conversion Tracking

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  • Customized Monthly Reports

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Agency Plans

Focus on what you’re great at and leave the analytics to us. Our reports can be customized and white-labelled to highlight the results of your work.
If you spend more than an hour a month doing analytics and writing a report, get your return back within the hour.
See how one partner used PaveIQ to double their client retention: Aars | Wells
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